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Manchester High School for Girls


Our Vision
Our vision is excellence: to deliver a pioneering, innovative and dynamic learning experience within a compassionate and caring environment for a needs blind, diverse community where the wellbeing and happiness of every individual and the fulfilment of their potential are our priority. As the School of choice for girls in the North-West, our pupils - like those who have attended the School before them - will go on to be global citizens and courageous motivators of change.

Strategic Objectives 2021-24


1. To deliver a pioneering, innovative and dynamic learning experience by:

1.1 Embedding an aspirational and innovative research-based approach to teaching and learning

1.2 Responding to technological advancements so that pupils receive a dynamic learning experience and are prepared for their future world

1.3 Reviewing our curriculum to ensure that the learning experience is balanced and pioneering

1.4 Ensuring that each pupil makes excellent progress and achieves their academic potential

1.5 Providing academic societies and competitions that encourage scholarship and learning as an end in itself


2. To support a pioneering approach to the wellbeing and happiness of every individual student by:

2.1  Adopting a proactive approach to pastoral and mental health support

2.2  Delivering a meaningful Well Being journey which focuses on the building of  character

2.3  Providing outstanding, varied and evolving extra-curricular opportunities

2.4  Offering opportunities for all students to have fun and to enjoy school

2.5 Celebrating and valuing contributions all students make to their community

2.6 Providing opportunities to ensure that students are aware of their environment, societal issues and the role they play in having a positive impact on the community, both locally, nationally and globally

2.7 Preparing students for their future through outstanding careers, university and alumnae support


3. To be a School that embraces its pioneering history and pioneering future by:

3.1  Aiming to become a carbon neutral school

3.2  Celebrating MHSG’s history and its unique status in women’s history

3.3  Developing financial, estates and technology strategies that ensure outstanding and sustainable facilities and resources that appeal to current and future students

3.4  Ensuring a comprehensive fundraising strategy to increase our current Bursary provision

3.5 Developing meaningful and supportive partnerships with state school partners and businesses which enhance the experiences of students and staff within and outside of MHSG

3.6 Pursuing an international MHSG strand