Senior Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Wellbeing and a ‘character’ education are integral parts of life at MHSG – we believe that a happy student is far more likely to achieve academic success.

Character and the building of character are particularly important to us.

Helping pupils to develop the skills and experiences to be resilient, tenacious and confident as well as those strategies that aim to help them cope with stress will ultimately prepare them for their future, way beyond the school gates.

Wellbeing has been at the heart of everything Manchester High School for Girls does, since the beginning.

The Well Being Programme

In the Senior School, students enjoy a bespoke Well Being programme which encourages our pupils to know themselves (Years 7-9), like themselves (Years 10-11) and develop themselves (Years 12-13). The weekly Well Being lesson within this programme supports our students in developing the knowledge, understanding, skills and characteristics needed to thrive personally and in their relationships with others.


Pastoral Care

Manchester High is a close-knit community and all our students are known to members of staff as individuals. Each girl has a Form Tutor who is there to keep an eye on her progress. These tutors work closely with our Pastoral Deputy, Heads of Year and Heads of Section to ensure each student maximises their potential and enjoys their time at school.

We believe in a proactive approach to pastoral support.  Students in need of extra pastoral support can also turn to one of our two nurses or our school counsellor.

Making friends is something we know both students and parents worry about and we are focused on helping students find their feet as quickly as possible.

Our active and connected alumnae community is proof that the friendships formed at Manchester High School for Girls last a lifetime.

Our experienced staff work in close partnership with parents to ensure that students thrive academically, personally and socially. Well Being lessons cover a wide range of topics and include sessions on physical and mental health, self-esteem and good citizenship. We also have ‘theme weeks’ across the school that focus on work/life balance, celebrating success and developing the resilience needed to cope with setbacks.

As a multicultural school, we embrace many faiths. Moral, spiritual and cultural awareness is developed through a range of assemblies, both religious and secular, and provision is made for girls to pray or meditate if they wish.