Investing in Our Student Spaces

Empowering lives, one girl at a time.

150 years of positive investment

In 1874, the people of Manchester – leading figures in the academic, cultural and business life of the city – founded the first academic school for girls in the North of England. It was a time when many regarded the education of girls as unnecessary or undesirable. Yet our founders knew that society would be better for this investment.

"The school’s essence is a deep public spirit that makes each girl feel that she is part of a great whole." - Mary Tout, Class of 1906.

Their aims were to ‘impart to the girls the very best education which can be given, and fit them for any future before them.’ And, after 150 years, Manchester High has built quite a legacy. 


Having outgrown two of our original school sites, our third and final home on Grangethorpe Road was bombed during an air raid in 1940. 

Yet positive change grew out of this setback, with years of extensive rebuilding, including a new swimming pool (1968), a Music House (1984) and new science laboratories (1989).

After an extension to the Preparatory Department, we built a new Sports Hall and Sixth Form Centre and last year our Senior School reception area was remodelled. 

Now, 150 years on from our first steps, the next stage of our investment will be a much-needed learning enhancement and wellbeing space as well as other spaces focused on the wellbeing of our pupils. 

Read on to discover how these spaces will play a key role in the next chapter of the Manchester High story.

Invest in the girls of the present and the women of the future

What could your child achieve, when provided with the right environment?

We stimulate curiosity, stretch intellect and encourage the confidence to excel. It is an approach that means our examination results are amongst the best in the country. And, Manchester High does not just provide exceptional academic opportunities, it shapes women as individuals.

"It’s really important that we continue to offer the very best education for girls in Manchester, and that means offering brilliant facilities." - Mrs Helen F Jeys, Head Mistress.

We enable girls to take on extra-curricular challenges they never dreamed were possible. All of this, nonetheless, requires a constant focus on our facilities, so that we can continue to create a vibrant learning atmosphere.

Invest in the social heart of the School: Our Outdoor Wellbeing Hub

One significant next step on this journey is the creation of an Outdoor Wellbeing Hub. 

Giving students better access to nature and creating a space for performances, assemblies, social gatherings and talks, this space would be vital for their cultural development and would be the social heart of the School. 

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Our plans for a versatile canopy design, producing a space for up to 300 people, also means that this space could be used for sports like table-tennis and provide an alternative to our busy Dining Room allowing the girls to eat and socialise outdoors, whilst connecting with the environment around them. 

"Even when it is wet outside, we still want to take a breath. This canopy is exactly what is missing from our school. These new spaces make the School feel fresh." - Edie, Year 12.

It is the one facility our current students say is missing from the School.

Can you help us to build the spaces that foster their independence and creativity? 

We are looking to raise £850,000 to create this unique space, with our PTA raising additional funds to invest in the equipment needed to create a unique multi-use environment.

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Individuals or corporate supporters can secure the naming of the Outdoor Wellbeing Hub for £150,000.

You can sponsor a seat in the Outdoor Wellbeing Hub for £300 to leave a lasting legacy of your support for the School.

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Invest in unique spaces: Our Reflection Space

Founded on the principle of welcoming talented girls of religious faiths and beliefs and those of none, we continue to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and compassion, crucial in building the character of our students. 

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This focus means we are also looking to invest in a multi-faith reflection space, to reflect our commitment to every child. Whether a student is considering the actions of the previous year during Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish celebration of the New Year, praying during the Muslim festival of Ramadan, meeting together with others in Christian Union meetings, celebrating together during Diwali with our Hindu and Sikh communities, or just finding time to reflect in silence, this would be a special, private space for all our students.

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We are in the process of assessing design options for a sustainable timber structure. This will be nestled close to the Dining Room, easily accessible to all students.

Can you help us to build a space that helps build girls’ character and confidence? We estimate costs of around £250,000 to complete this project. 

We welcome donations from £300. 

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Please get in touch with us directly to discuss a naming opportunity for this space by calling 0161 224 0447 or emailing [email protected].

Invest in the future: 2050 Masterplan

Always looking forward, we also have a number of future projects in the early stages of planning. 

• Improved sporting facilities including a new swimming pool and outdoor exercise area to encourage the movement that we know impacts so significantly on our students’ overall achievements and wellbeing.

• A Music and Drama Auditorium to enable our students to develop their confidence and performing talents.

• New parking areas to improve traffic flow on Grangethorpe Road, alongside a new tree-lined entrance to the School to inspire our students from the second they enter.

• Enhancing the infant areas in the Preparatory Department to help support the development of our girls from the earliest point.

Our vision is to deliver a pioneering, innovative and dynamic learning experience, within a compassionate and caring environment. Manchester High is a place where the wellbeing and happiness of every individual, and the fulfilment of their potential, are our priority.

"All these facilities that the school gave us, alongside the opportunities, really shaped my interest in having a career in Biology." - Oveena Fonseka, Biomedical Science PhD Student,  MHSG Bursary Recipient, Class of 2019.

Play your part in the evolution and progress of Manchester High for the next 150 years. Invest in our girls today.

How can you help?

We are aiming to raise £850,000 for the new Outdoor Wellbeing Hub and £250,000 for the Reflection Space. 

With school funds fully committed, we need the help of our friends and supporters to provide these student spaces and help us prioritise student wellbeing. 

There are many ways for you to support our 150th Birthday Fundraising Appeal, with either a single gift or regular gift to suit you.

You or your company can choose to donate to either the Outdoor Wellbeing Hub, Reflection Space, or one of the other projects within the 2050 Masterplan.

Sponsor a seat in the Outdoor Wellbeing Hub 

Every £300 gift will be recognised with a plaque in the Hub, recording your donation. If we can claim gift aid on this donation, it increases to £375 without any additional cost to you. 

Higher rate and additional rate taxpayers could also claim back at least £75 in tax, so the actual cost to you as a donor would be no more than £225.

Naming opportunities and major gifts

Individuals or companies may be interested in the naming opportunity for the Outdoor Wellbeing Hub with a donation of £150,000. 

This could be an individual donation of £120,000 with gift aid of £30,000 claimed by MHSG, donated as £2000 per month over five years, or £5000 per month over 24 months. Reclaiming tax as a higher rate or additional rate tax payer could result in a £30,000 tax rebate, meaning the actual cost to you would be £90,000.

"Manchester High fosters individuals who strive to contribute to their community; women with a strong moral compass. The ripple effect of your gift will undoubtedly be felt far and wide."- Laura Earnshaw, MHSG Chair of Governors, Founder of myHappymind, Class of 1998.

Reflection Space

Donating a one off or regular gift

We welcome donations from £150 to support the development of this space. Donations can be made on a one off basis or with a monthly donation, taking advantage of gift aid and tax rebates to reduce the actual cost to you.

Naming opportunity

Naming rights are also available for the Reflection Space at £50,000. This could be reduced to £40,000, if we were able to claim gift aid of £10,000 on an individual donation.

If you would like a confidential discussion about making a major gift, please contact the Director of Development, Zabina Kosar-Ahmed on 0161 224 0447 or email [email protected].

Gift Aid

As a registered charity, MHSG can claim back the tax paid on an individual’s gift. We can reclaim 25p for every £1 gifted.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving allows you to give money to MHSG without paying tax on it. Please speak to your payroll department or pension provider.

Corporate Giving

Companies in the UK making gifts to MHSG will see a reduction in their Corporation Tax liability.

Gifting shares

Donating shares is one of the most tax effective ways for you and your company to give to MHSG. When qualifying shares are gifted to charity, you can benefit from income tax relief on the value of the shares as well as exemption from Capital Gains Tax on any gains made on the shares. This can amount to a substantial tax break.

Play your part in the evolution and progress of Manchester High for the next 150 years. Invest in our girls today.