Leaving a Gift in your Will

Once a Manchester High School girl, always a Manchester High School girl.

We realise that not everyone will be able to make a donation in their lifetime but would still like to help safeguard a Manchester High education for the region’s brightest girls. 

Eagerness. Excitement. Anticipation.
Do you remember your first day?

On that day, you were given the chance to explore, experiment and empower yourself to be the very best you could be. Your school days may not have been perfect, there will undoubtedly have been challenges, but they will have certainly shaped who you are today.

Regardless of the era in which you attended our school, we hope you agree that Manchester High girls, from across the generations, all share a number of traits; confidence and passion, intellect and ambition, a love of life, a caring spirit and enthusiasm.

Alumna and Bursary Recipient, Orla, shares how the Manchester High Bursary Fund impacted her:

While our academic standards are as high as ever, we know it is these characteristics that set Manchester High School girls apart and will enable them to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

We believe all of Manchester’s brightest girls, regardless of their financial circumstances, deserve the same opportunity you had, to become a pupil of MHSG.

All they need is the chance and the MHSG Bursary Fund offers this.

Direct grants and assisted places are long gone

A gift in your will to the MHSG Bursary Fund will help change a girl’s life.

We understand not everyone can afford to give now, and that when the time comes, loved ones must be provided for, but a small share of what is left would make a huge impact.

If you would like to change your will to include the Manchester High Bursary Fund, or wish to make a will to include the school, please speak with your solicitor.

Please provide them with the Registered Charity Number for the MHSG Bursary Fund: 506823.

As a registered charity, any gift left in a will to the MHSG Bursary Fund would be exempt from inheritance tax.

The Ivy Leaf Society

We recognise those who have decided to leave a gift to the School in their will through inviting them to become members of our Ivy Leaf Society.

All Society members receive our gold-coloured ivy leaf pin alongside special invitations to school events, including a private lunch with the Head Mistress to talk about current activities and future plans for the School and meet like-minded supporters.

The names of all society members (should they wish) are also displayed on a plaque in the Main Reception.

If you would like further information about joining our Ivy Leaf Society, please contact Mrs Zabina Kosar-Ahmed, Director of Admissions, Development and Marketing on 0161 224 0447 or email [email protected].