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Manchester High School for Girls

Head Girl Team

The new Head Girl team for 2018-19 has been appointed.


India is in charge of the team as Head Girl during this academic year. Here is a brief Q&A with her:

What do you hope to do after leaving Manchester High School for Girls?

I hope to study Engineering  to enhance my understanding of Maths and Physics and how they apply to the wider world. I also hope to continue with Drama in some aspects, I will be reaching out to  amateur drama societies at university!

What are your career aspirations?

I aspire to be an engineer. There are so many different career paths  available, each one with a growing demand for female engineers. I can't wait to find out more about engineering and discover my own specialism.

What is the best thing about Manchester High?

The range of subjects and extra-curricular activities it has to offer. There are so many different clubs each girl can get involved in; be it music, sport or academic. There is a great support system within every extra-curricular activity to ensure we are all encouraged to do our best.

What do you want to achieve in your role as Head Girl?

I want to ensure that girls of all year groups feel that they can approach me to share their thoughts and ideas. I aim to play an active role as Head Girl and to be a positive role model to all MHSG students.


...and here the new Deputy Head Girls reflect on their experiences at MHSG:

"The community spirit of girls at Manchester High is something that I’m very proud of. I admire the fact that the girls really are supportive of one another and that they love to celebrate each other’s achievements. I think that this is really important, as it means that everyone’s individuality and talent can be recognised and rewarded. 

"I aim to support and encourage ideas that help to develop the School and the pupils themselves whilst, ultimately, making sure that everyone’s voice can be heard. However, we cannot forget one of the most important aims of the Head Girl team; to ensure that there is never a shortage of tea or coffee in the Sixth Form Centre!" - Asiya 



"Manchester High has a special atmosphere. The teachers engender a spirit in us and encourage us to be the best we can be; to learn, to succeed, but to care. I feel that throughout the School. I want to inspire younger girls to dream big, work hard and have fun! If we all do one thing that scares us whilst we are at Manchester High, we will leave it a better place and as a better person." - Emma



" We have great extra-curricular opportunities here at Manchester High; from the German exchange programme to the annual drama production. I love the fact that we all are encouraged to take part and I want to spread the message about the excellent opportunities on offer to each and every student." -Isobel



"What's the best thing about MHSG? Definitely the friendships I've made and  how much my confidence has grown. Linda's katsu curry is also excellent on Fridays! As a Deputy Head Girl I would like to promote a sense of community, and encourage younger girls that they can do whatever they want to if they put their minds to it." -Oluwagbotemi


"The girls here are the most inspirational people I know. All  my friends have aspirations in all different directions of life, and being surrounded by their hardworking, high-achieving work ethic has  given me the motivation and drive that I now have. We all have so much respect for our teachers; they are so supportive, and they are the real role models in our lives."- Sophie