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Manchester High School for Girls

Adverse Weather Procedure

The following is a reminder of our procedures should adverse weather conditions affect the region.

The school will stay open in all but exceptional circumstances.   If closure is unavoidable we will do all we can to inform you as soon as possible through the School website, SMS text messages & email.

Severe weather overnight:

In the case of severe weather overnight, decisions about whether MHSG will open will be made as soon as possible after 6.45am following liaison with MGS, WGS and the bus companies that service the three schools. 

If the decision is made for MHSG not to open, information will be posted on the School website  The situation for subsequent days will be kept under review and updates will be posted on this site.

Local weather conditions:

We are aware that some of our girls travel considerable distances and that the weather conditions where some pupils live may not be the same as in the area around MHSG.  Parents are advised that in adverse weather conditions they need to make their own decision as to whether their daughter attends School based on the conditions in their local area.

Weather deterioration during the school day:

In the event of a sudden deterioration in weather conditions during a school day, pupils should not telephone parents to request alternative arrangements or pre-empt decision-making within school.

If school remains open:

If we are informed that buses are arriving before 3.45 p.m. we will allow pupils travelling on these buses to leave early if parental consent has been given via the Emergency Transport Arrangements Form that you have completed in the first half of the autumn term.  Parents will be notified via SMS message of any buses that are leaving early.

If school has to close early:

We will follow your instructions on the Emergency Transport Arrangement Form that you have submitted and that is recorded on the school database.  Parents will be informed by SMS message that school is closing early and pupils are following their emergency transport arrangement.  For emergency transport arrangements to work, it must be understood by your child that they must not deviate from the plan your family has agreed.

Changes to Emergency Transport Arrangements

Please notify us promptly of any changes to your contact information or emergency transport arrangements by contacting our Co-Curricular Secretary, Sara Kennedy, via email:  


Please ensure your daughter is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.  A hooded top under a blazer offers limited protection from the elements when compared to a waterproof coat.  Hooded tops are also not part of our uniform.