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Manchester High School for Girls

Hats off in Stockport

Last week, girls in Year 6 learned all about hats on a visit to the famous Stockport Hat Works Museum

Their trip was organised to inspire a Design and Technology project, which will see all the girls make their own hats in the Spring Term. Girls learned about the history of hat making, the cottage industries and the homemade tools that were used within Victorian hat factories. They also saw a demonstration of the machinery and its use as part of industrialisation.

After a guided tour, there was a fun (and messy!) craft workshop, where girls make their own felt squares out of wool, washing up liquid and water.

Florence from 6AP said: "It was a really exciting day. I particularly enjoyed making my own felt. It was quite messy, but we had to really concentrate to make sure it was right. I'm really looking forward to starting our Design and Technology project and making my own hat!"

Finally, girls explored the hat gallery to find out about the hundreds of different types of hat. These ranges from hats worn as part of a uniform, or for a functional purpose, to beautiful extravagant hats designed and made by fashion designers. 

The girls really enjoyed the day and were a credit to themselves and their School.