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Manchester High School for Girls

The Magic Box by 2JP

After listening to the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright, the Snowdrops each wrote their own line to create their own version of the poem. We hope you enjoy reading it. 

I will put in the box
a glittery, fluffy, white swan with feathers as soft as a bed,
the rainbow beak of a glorious purple flamingo,
a young bouncy cheetah with sparkling rainbow wings
a pair of razor sharp scissors that smell like chocolate wherever they go.

I will put in the box
a glittery unicorn with a rainbow mane,
a happy, beautiful dolphin with a shiny body,
a koala dancing on an icy dancefloor,
the soft fur of a cuddly new born kitten.

I will put in the box
a crusty, cheesy rainbow pizza that will change colour,
a cute fox cub with a bushy tail,
a sparkling mermaid’s tail swimming through the deep blue sea,
a happy, pretty princess holding flowers.

I will put in the box
A fast swimming seal with magical sparkling eyes,
a happy white rabbit with magical wings to fly around the world,
a rainbow gingerbread girl with dark hair,
and a brown fluffy dog flappy stripy ears

My box is fashioned from glittering ice
with snowdrop gems on the lid.
Its hinges are the claws of a baby kitten.