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Manchester High School for Girls


From offering healthy diet and exercise advice to ‘Samantha the Skeleton’ to making rocket fuel and launching a spacecraft, Manchester High’s Preparatory Department will certainly be busy during British Science Week 2016.

The week-long initiative is a grassroots celebration of all things related to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Thanks to generous sponsorship from the businesses of two Preparatory parents, Sabre Valves and Rullion Solutions, all year groups will be taking part in ‘Hands On Science’ workshops. Each experiment has been designed to develop pupils’ skills in observation, prediction and fair testing, while still bringing out the excitement of discovery that lies at the heart of science. 

Girls kick started science week celebrations on Thu 10th March with a Science demonstration.

‘Kitten Rescue’ will see the girls learn how to make nourishing solutions from powder and water to help revive a kitten that has been found in a deep, dark forest; while ‘Massive Magnets’ enables pupils to investigate the earth’s amazing magnetic fields and flux patterns.

‘Healthy Bodies’ will let the girls get up close and personal with tooth decay and ‘Rockets’ explores what energy actually is and how it can make things fly.

The Stemettes, an organisation that helps girls make contact with women working in the STEM industries, will also be in School, teaching girls HTML code and assisting them in creating their very own web pages.

Emma Nash, Head of the Preparatory Department, commented: “Educating our girls about science and promoting it in a positive way is becoming increasingly important.

“Typically, by the time a girl reaches her teenage years she has already internalised this stigma that science has to be hard and difficult. Here at Manchester High we are committed to reversing this trend and it starts right here in Prep.

“British Science Week gives everyone the opportunity to get involved and learn lots of really exciting things about the universe and world around us. It’s going to be so much fun.”

The week will culminate in the ‘Spaghetti Structural Challenge’ which will see each class, from Reception to Year 6, go head to head in a bid to create the tallest free-standing structure; using just spaghetti and marshmallows.

The structures will be judged by Ed Buckley from Sabre UK and Liz Kingston-Brack from Rullion Solutions and Mrs Nash has a word of advice for all participants;

“I’ve been told the biggest problem the girls will experience is “slippage”, when the lower layers of marshmallow sink owing to the weight of the tower above. Think about how you’ll combat this one and you could be on to a winner!”