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Manchester High School for Girls


Four girls from Manchester High School for Girls are celebrating this January as they have been offered a place to study at Oxbridge.

Sarah and Emma are studying A Levels at Manchester High and both hope to commence studies at Churchill College in Cambridge in the autumn.

Manchester High is like a second home to Sarah who has been a student there since age four. She is studying A Levels in Geography, History and Chemistry and achieved A*s in all 10.5 of her GCSEs (including an A* with Distinction). Sarah is confident she will achieve two A*S and an A to get on her Human, Social and Political Sciences course.

She said: “The course covers a broad range of subjects which fits me perfectly. I am likely to end up working in politics as it interests me the most, however, the breadth of disciplines covered on the course gives me an opportunity to discover other areas.” 

Sarah and Emma

Science enthusiast Emma is looking forward to studying Natural Biological Sciences. She achieved 10 A*s at GCSE and, at A Level, she needs an A* in Chemistry, an A* in Maths and an A in Biology to get on her course. Emma said: “I really enjoy chemistry, the order of it and how the facts can be applied to real life. I spent five weeks working at Manchester Pharmacy School investigating potential uses of nano-structures in drug delivery and completed a British Science Association CREST Gold Award.”

Ebubechi has been offered a place to study Medicine at the University of Oxford. She is currently studying A Level Biology, Chemistry and Art at Manchester High, and on her way to fulfilling a lifelong dream of working directly with people as a doctor. She said: “I still can’t quite believe it. I’ve always thought that idea of studying at Oxford is somewhat unattainable. My teachers were really supportive and encouraged me to apply and I am so glad I did.”


Talented Ebubechi needs an A* and two As to get on her course, but having achieved straight A*s at all her 10.5 GCSEs, she is feeling confident about her exams this spring. She has already got an insight into the world of medicine by completing work experience in the lung transplant centre at Wythenshawe Hospital, as well as shadowing an anaesthetist at Trafford General Hospital.

A budding vet, Rebecca, has been offered a place to study Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge. She is currently studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and, as of October, she hopes to focus on studying large animal practice at Penbroke College.

Rebecca explained: “I was shocked and so pleased when the offer letter came through. I think this course would suit me really well as I have always wanted to help and care for animals; production animals in particular. They are really close to my heart as they are inevitably treated worse than pets.”


The ambitious young lady achieved 10 A*s at GCSE and she already has plenty of experience working with animals. She has spent five weeks working with different vets, and volunteered at local animal care centres for the past three years. Rebecca has spent many of her school holidays at farms of family friends learning about lambing, milking and caring for the animals.

All the girls have just finished their mock exams and are starting to prepare for this summer’s A Level exams.