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Manchester High School for Girls


Manchester High School for Girls student, 13-year-old Noor, is set for greatness in the world of karate as she looks forward to the forthcoming National Championships on 21st November.

Noor returned with two bronze medals from the Karate World Cup held in Liverpool in July, and she scooped three gold medals at the National Qualifiers on 19th September firmly securing her place at the 'GKR Karate International' UK National Championship 2015 ' at  Ponds Forge International Spots Centre in Sheffield.

Noor started karate at the tender age of five and hasn’t looked back. She hopes to achieve her brown belt next month at GKR International. She said: “I was a shy and quiet girl when I first got into Karate. I took to the sport immediately and realised that I was actually quite good at it. Karate makes me relax and it helps me focus. I have also found that I am doing much better with my studies and achieving good results in school.”

Noor added: “My confidence and outlook on everything has improved hugely through the sport and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve. I am training at my club and at home in preparation for the championships and hope to do well. My sensei sees good things for me which makes me really happy!”

Manchester High School for Girls Head Mistress, Mrs Claire Hewitt, said: “It is great to see how a passion for sport can benefit young people like Noor. She has grown into a confident young lady with an evident talent for Karate. We wish her good luck with the forthcoming championships!”