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Manchester High School for Girls


Girls in Year 7 were whisked away to Chester Zoo as part of their Biology studies at the end of the academic year.

Posy from Year 7

Posy wrote about their experience:

“Our Chester Zoo visit is going to be a trip to remember; it was so much fun seeing all the animals such as the miniature monkeys – they were so adorable.

“Going to the zoo taught us a lot about how the animals live, move, and eat, and I am now aware of some animals I didn't even know existed.

“We were also saddened to see some of the endangered animals; I certainly didn’t know that there were so many close to extinction.

“The trip is definitely one of the highlights of being in Year 7. I do, however, think that the animals should perhaps have bigger enclosures to live in.

I hope to be able to help the endangered species in the future and try to prevent their extinction in some way.”