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Manchester High School for Girls


Students and staff at MHSG gathered on Friday 16th June to mark the life of late MP Jo Cox as part of the national Great Get Together events.

Prep assembled in the School garden for a picnic and each girl brought a donation to raise funds for the Jo Cox Foundation. Senior school joined them to enjoy lunch together, while girls in the Sixth Form gathered in their quad to mark the event.

Mrs Nash, Head of the Preparatory Department, said: “We decided to hold this event for all of our girls as part of The Great Get Together in honour of the life of Jo Cox and the values she held dear.

“The wonderful characteristics of both British everyday life and personality unite us; fish and chips, outrage at injustice, openness, a genuine concern for the welfare of others, being cheerful, being stoical, discussing the weather, pubs, toast, sport, cake, our sense of humour, 007. But above all – love.

“Our picnic celebrated inclusiveness and diversity; values that are shared between the Jo Cox Foundation and Manchester High School for Girls.”

And as TV chef Jamie Oliver summed up the events of the weekend:

“What can you do apart from turn something awful and terrible into something incredible. And The Great Get Together is just that.”

You can follow the events nationwide: #GreatGetTogether and share Jo Cox's message #MoreinCommon


Photos of the MHSG event are on our Flickr.