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Manchester High School for Girls


On the 7th May 2017, nearly 60 very excitable girls from Year 9 climbed on a coach and travelled to the dazzling scenery of the Lake District.

The girls arrived under aflawless blue sky and the bright sun put them all in the mood for activity and adventure.

Georgia from Year 9 explained: "We were really pleased with the quaint rooms we had been assigned to which looked over the fantastic lake. Once we had all settled in and looked around the hostel, we made our way down to the dining hall and ate a delicious hot meal.

"We then made our way down to a local park where we found our inner five-year-olds and exhausted ourselves on the playground. Going to bed was a very rewarding feeling.

"The next day, the real fun began. After breakfast, we were split into groups and were assigned activities. My group’s first activity was Mountain Adventure. This entailed hiking up to a point where the hostel was a mere dollhouse in the valley, but the view and the gorgeous wild flowers made our hard work worth it.

"After we finished our hike, we were introduced to Ghyll Scrambling. It was a wet, cold but one of the most fun things I have ever done (seriously, it is a must-do)! Evening came and we gathered in the hostel to watch a film and get some well-deserved sleep.

"On the following day, we woke to see a still, untouched lake. This was perfect for our fist activity; canoeing! This really strengthened our teamwork (and our arms), and the weather was amazing. In the afternoon, we built durable shelters, made fire and cooked marshmallows which was a highlight. Bear Grylls would have been proud of us all!

"Though this trip was meant as a bit of fun before exams.It was a great experience to have with your best friends. In conclusion, nobody wanted to leave."

More photos of the girls' trip is available on our Flickr.