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Manchester High School for Girls


Girls in Year 6 had an opportunity to delve in the world of web development in a STEMettes Hackathon event on Monday 22nd March.

STEMettes, a group who are actively encouraging girls to get into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, led the half day ‘Tap and Tinker’ session where the girls were taught how to create a basic game, mobile app, data visualisation or a website related to a STEM topic.

The girls were introduced to a number of fun and challenging activities which taught them elements of coding and enabled them to put their new skills to the test and create a final product.

The girls’ creations were judged by Liz Kingston from Rullion Group Ltd, Catherine King and Myfanwy Edwards from Fujitsu and Danielle Haugedal-Wilson from the Co-operative Group.

The STEMettes representatives; Haleema Anjum and Yasmin Lhodi, also held an inspirational talk about the future options available to girls in STEM areas.

Haleema said: “The event went brilliantly, doing this session for girls as young as Year 6 is something that we need to do more of. We need to show young girls they can do whatever they set their minds to, and that not all coders sit behind a computer screen.”

Imani from Year 6 said: “The coding was difficult but fun. We had had to make code instructions as clear as they would have to be to tell a robot to make a jam sandwich. It was a brilliant day.”

Aleeza added: “When my partner and I tried to put our picture into our code, it kept going wrong because all the codes were multiplying, but we didn’t give up and started again, and finally it worked!”

Client Services Director, Liz Kingston from Rullion Group Ltd, said: “This was another great event and we were delighted to be able to sponsor it for the second year. At Rullion, we are delighted to ignite the next generation’s imagination regarding STEM and we would like to thank our guests from the Co-op and Fujitsu for their support. Bringing tech to life is an essential part of inspiring girls to consider a career in IT and we are privileged to be part of such a wonderful session.”

Mrs Nash, Head of the Preparatory Department, said: “We feel extremely fortunate that Rullion’s generous sponsorship has allowed us to give this superb opportunity to our girls at no cost to our parents.

“It really is a driving force of our enrichment curriculum in the Prep that our girls get to experience high-level, real life situations that could direct their future passions and choices. The talented women who ran the STEMette workshop for our girls not only imparted their knowledge to the girls, but also their enthusiasm for the challenges and excitement of web design.”