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Manchester High School for Girls


Manchester High’s Year 8 girls’ writing skills were put to the test recently when the whole year group took part in a speech competition in school.

The fun competition brought the girls closer together as they all wrote a speech about a subject they were passionate about and then presented their work in front of each other.

Head of Year 8, Miss Rowley, had a tough decision to make amongst all the great entries, but finally chose Charlotte's piece about pharmaceuticals versus natural remedies as the winning speech. She awarded Silver to Raakhi, whose talk was about bringing everyone in society together (BEST).

Charlotte said: “I chose to write about the benefits of natural remedies. They helped my auntie who battled cancer but sadly lost her life during chemotherapy. I felt like she was there with me when I gave my speech.

“I love writing stories and I also like public speaking, and I hope to be an actress one day. I was a bit nervous talking in front of everyone but my passion for the topic soon took over and carried me through. I was so pleased to hear I won.”

Charlotte and Raakhi

Raakhi added: “The competition was really educating as I heard some amazing speeches on topics that wouldn’t even cross my mind, like how we should embrace virtual reality and trespassing on farms.

“Charlotte showed great bravery with her piece as she recently lost her aunt to cancer. Talking about the impact of it on her life was admirable and I personally found this hugely inspirational. My favourite was about the effects of social media which I thought was well scripted, delivered and enticing.

“My own speech was about BEST; the concept is getting people to do a compulsory six months of charity work to help close the disparity between the fortunate and the less fortunate.”

Raakhi concluded: “The competition was fun and brought the year group closer together. We have all been supporting one and other and cheering each other on. It has contributed enormously to our confidence and skills in public speaking.”