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Manchester High School for Girls


One the country’s leading girls’ schools, Manchester High School for Girls, has brought circus skills into the class room this week to support its pupils find a healthy work/life balance.  

Instead of juggling homework, the girls are having fun trying out new skills with some stilts, a trapeze and a tightrope.

Other activities on offer during ‘Balance Week’ are skateboarding, boxercising and even knitting. And, in a throwback to the 1980s, the girls get to tackle their parents’ childhood favourite, the Rubik’s Cube.

Finding balance with circus skills

13-year-old Sophie said: “I have been looking forward to this week and was one of the first in the queue to sign up for all the activities. The circus skills workshop was a bit scary but this afternoon has helped me forget about any stresses and just focus on enjoying the session."

All girls aged 11 to 18 at the school are involved in the activities, and teachers are also joining them to get their own taste of a balanced work life.

Aoife (16)  said: “I’ve always wanted to try skateboarding but I’ve been too shy, and it’s not really seen as a girls’ thing. It was so much fun and I didn’t even fall over, it would be great if we could do skateboarding in school every week!”

Mrs Ann Goddard, Deputy Principal (Pastoral) at Manchester High School for Girls explained: “It has been a fantastic start to what promises to be a fun and relaxed week for students and staff alike. The school is visibly bustling with energy and it puts all those everyday stresses into perspective.

“While our girls benefit from being challenged in the classroom, they also need other rich opportunities to inspire, excite and stimulate them. Activities like these push girls out of their comfort zone and help them to grow in confidence. It is important for all of us to stop and take stock of how we can improve our work/life balance, and this week is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

View the highlights of this week's action on our Flickr page

Getting on our skateboards!