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Manchester High School for Girls


A promising ice skater, 14-year-old Beatrice from Manchester High School for Girls, has triumphed in the recent British Figure Skating Championships in Sheffield by securing eighth place with her ice dance partner.

Beatrice has been actively skating for the past six years and focused on ice dance for the last two.

She explained: “I had some success in solo dance in the first year and ranked 12th in the Solo British Ice Dance Championships. I then teamed up with my dance partner, Owen, and we went on to win our national qualifying competition. Coming eighth in the actual Championships was fantastic as they are the largest national competition for ice skaters in the UK.”

Beatrice added: “Ice skating has helped me to build my confidence and resilience. I would not have been able to do it without the help from my parents, who have woken up at 5am on a Sunday morning for me over the last few years. Ice skating has been a massive part of my life outside of school, and everyone has been very supportive of me.”

She concluded: “I am planning on going back to solo dance mainly because my dance partner is moving on to university and because there is a real lack of boys in the sport. I am, however, hoping that I will be able to compete in some national competitions again next year.”