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Manchester High School for Girls


Six pupils from Manchester High School for Girls were whisked away to Withington Girls’ School to take part in the Institution of Engineering and Technology Faraday competition on 2nd December.

The girls were introduced to the world of engineering before they were tasked to create two microbit prototypes that would be environment friendly and enhance human or boat performance.

Hawar explained: “We split into two teams to tackle each prototype. Independence and creativity were key in this task and our individual input proved valuable to the teams.”

Olivia added: “The first prototype was a temperature sensor which could be used by to monitor body temperature. Our second prototype was a windmill-like device that tackled the problem of humans getting tired. The tasks were difficult and we faced many problems but we got through them by coding trial and error.”

At the end of the event, the girls pitched their prototypes to other teams showing what they had created.  

Hawar concluded: “It was a great day and we learned a lot about engineering and teamwork!”