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Manchester High School for Girls

Jenny Campbell supports Young Enterprise at Manchester High

On Tuesday 27th November, we were delighted to welcome Jenny Campbell (Class of ’78) back to Manchester High.

In association with  Young Enterprise, Sixth Form girls had the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to Jenny and receive expert feedback on their proposals. The two teams were challenged to design, create and market ethical products over the course of the last term. The results were an impressive collection of t-shirts by Proteger and cruelty-free bath bombs made using natural ingredients. Precious Limen (J6MR), the Managing Director of Positive Aura said: “I was really quite nervous before the session started, but Jenny was very supportive of our ideas. When you have a product that you believe in it can be very difficult to think rationally about how to move forward. Jenny gave us a number of really good ideas about how we could make our marketing more focussed, which we have already started to implement!”

Kerrie  Chisnall, who leads Young Enterprise at Manchester High School for Girls, said: “Pitching a business idea to one of the most successful businesswomen in the country was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our girls. The Young Enterprise scheme has been a real hit at Manchester High, partly because the girls see Jenny’s success and start to believe that they could do something similar.”

Young Enterprise was founded to help young people to make the connection between school and the world of work. This year-long ‘company programme’ for secondary school students aims to develop employability skills and deliver inspirational enterprise education.

Michael Mercieca, CEO of Young Enterprise, said: “It’s inspirational for students to have role models such as Jenny Campbell visiting the classroom to provide their insight. Young Enterprise is all about preparing young people to reach their maximum potential in the workplace, and understand the opportunities ahead of them so many thanks to Jenny for spending her time with Young Enterprise students at Manchester High School for Girls.”

Jenny Campbell is a member of Manchester High School for Girls’ active community of alumnae. For more information on how alumnae continue to engage with the School or events for alumnae, please contact Mrs Lex Robinson at

"Don't be afraid of failure. Draw a line under it, learn from it and move on. Success is a mindset and you always need to be moving forward". - Jenny Campbell