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Manchester High School for Girls


Manchester High welcomed a former pupil, Yang Hu (Class of 2010) back to school to deliver an ‘Insight into Architecture’ talk with her colleagues from SimpsonHaugh on 16th October.

Yang and fellow Architectural Assistants, Eliana Tsangaridi and Jasmine Ratcliffe, and Model Maker, Phillipa Seagrave, talked about their different routes to architecture, and what made them ‘tick’ in this creative and challenging field of work.

The talk formed a part of the school’s Futures programme, and the women gave an interesting overview of their work and brought in some models of the prominent buildings in Manchester city centre which they had been working on.

Yang, who gained her BArch at Birmingham School of Art in 2013 and Masters degree at Manchester School of Architecture in 2017, is in the process of completing her Part III ADPPA at Riba North West and will fully qualify as an architect next year. She commented: “This is a very exciting time for women in architecture, it is changing and developing with more women entering the field.

“I love my job; we are faced with different challenges every day from designing windows to looking at pop-up locations for drainage. It is a truly creative and imaginative field where a good architect successfully addresses the needs of their client. I enjoy providing improved solutions and working with different people. I see different sides of architecture every day and I am constantly learning and developing.”

Eliana, who gained a Masters degree in Architecture in 2013, will also qualify next year. She added: “Becoming fully qualified takes time, so take it one step at a time. Don’t be afraid to travel and practice abroad too; you will learn about the different cultural influences on design. I had an amazing, diverse experience working in Bahrain, Middle East which really broadened my skill set and knowledge in wider industry.”

Jasmine gained her BArch at the Manchester School of Architecture in 2017, and she is taking time to complete as much work experience as she can before returning to university for her Masters degree. She commented: “It is a very competitive field and I recommend gaining work experience during your studies so you have a better chance when applying for jobs. Build on our portfolio by taking time out and drawing what you see around you. See spaces and buildings in different cities.”

Model Maker, Phillipa, graduated from her BArch in 2014. She commented: “I always wanted to study architecture but I also loved creating things with my hands. I went to study architecture, but I then decided to pursue other interests such as building theatre sets. I discovered model making at the University of Manchester as an assistant technician. My job requires patience and precision, and the models illustrate the physical effects as well as the lights and shade of the buildings. When choosing your career, my advice would be to concentrate on your strengths and choose a course that suits your style of learning.”

The MHSG 'Insight Into' talks to date have included a variety of career paths such as engineering, make-up artistry, law, finance, PR and politics. The next talk will be on 6th November when representatives from AJ Bell will come to school to talk about their apprenticeship programme.