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Manchester High School for Girls


An aspiring soldier and a cadet, 17-year-old Aine Guy, has continued to enjoy great success in the Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force as she was appointed as Regimental Company Sergeant Major over the summer.

Aine has been in charge of the training of 1,400 cadets, and she was invited to dine with Senior Ranks of the county and to meet every Mayor and other dignitaries of the GM county.

She said: “I am really proud of this appointment and I have been involved with the Cadets for five years. Unfortunately, I will have to leave the cadets soon as I will be turning 18. My sights are now set on a career in the army.

“I have learned so much about myself, team-work and leadership skills. It has been really rewarding to help young people and to take part in such a huge range of activities. I am proud of myself for achieving the position I have got to, and I am all the more certain that I have the skills and qualities for  the army.”

Junior Sixth Former, Aine, is studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Music at A-level. She hopes to study Biology at university while taking an army training course.

She concluded: “For my army career, I initially thought about joining the Horse Artillery as a regular soldier, or the Corps of Army Music as a soldier in the Band of the Household Cavalry. Now, my thoughts are moving towards more battle oriented roles, possibly in the Royal Artillery or Medical Corps. The future is full of possibilities for me!”