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Manchester High School for Girls


In an age when people feel more pressure than ever to conform to the beauty ideals often portrayed on social media and in celebrity magazines, Manchester High welcomed former pupil and expert cosmetic surgeon, Miss Jonquille Chantrey, back to school to talk to Sixth Form students.

During her presentation, Miss Chantrey talked about the ethical aspects of her work as well as giving a balanced view on building self-esteem.

Miss Chantrey, a specialist in burns, trauma and aesthetic medicine is also an international beauty lecturer and works as a media advisor. She is a global key opinion leader and has a lead role in the Female Leaders in Aesthetic Medicine Board (FLAME) whereby the top seven international female doctors in the field are working towards ground breaking science and transforming patients’ lives. Her talk on the 25th September was organised as part of the school’s Well Being programme, a weekly session where pupils explore different activities and attend talks on mental and physical health.

During her talk, Miss Chantrey described what psychological effects disfigurements can have on a person. She said: “Correcting facial abnormalities can really empower patients and give them a better quality of life. I have worked with one patient for ten years and her transformation both mentally and physically has been incredible. She suffered bad burns to her face in an aeroplane accident and spent her life subjected to bullying and prejudice. Now, she has more self-confidence than ever before and I am so delighted for her.”

She also highlighted the dangers of the UK’s unregulated beauty treatment industry and said: “Every day I see patients who have problems with the treatments they have received. The government is currently not being responsive enough with putting regulations in place. I often see non-medical individuals such as beauticians carrying out procedures that require specialist training. I feel that we need strict regulation and quickly.”

MHSG Head Girl, India from Junior Sixth Form, was at the talk and commented: “The fact that Miss Chantrey has managed to achieve so much in her career so far was inspiring. She demonstrated to us that you have to aim high to become one of the best, it was never her starting intention to become a world renowned cosmetic surgeon, yet through determination, precision and expertise in her field she has managed to do just that.”

Miss Chantrey concluded: “I aspire to work towards a regulated industry, to encourage better role models and to nurture patients’ self-confidence. I hope that students can take time for self-discovery. I would advise them to explore themselves fully and the world at large as they are the most rewarding investments they can make. The future is all about choices; so it is very important to make educated and authentic ones!”