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Manchester High School for Girls


Former pupil and motivational speaker, Jennifer Barnfield, came to school on 18th September to talk to hundreds of MHSG pupils about helping yourself and finding happiness in life.

Jennifer, Class of 2001, is an international Silver medalist and British, Welsh, Scottish and British Adult Champion Ice Dancer. With an incredible winner’s attitude and mentality, she unlocks people’s true potential using a range of proven techniques.

Jennifer commented: “I teach people about the PEPP method; how to improve positivity, empowerment, power and productivity with passion and confidence. Positivity and happiness go hand in hand.

“It’s important for young people to know that life is not a race, and you can’t chase happiness. If you learn how to control your feelings in a positive way, happiness will come.

“I have not always been in a happy place myself. Years ago, I had no plan; I was stressed and expected to fail. In fact, I didn’t think I could be of any significance. I had allowed my negative feelings to define me and I had to change that to find my happiness. Now I have my own business, I coach people about their mindset and I have also just co-written a book, She Who Dares, which became an Amazon bestseller in its own category. I firmly believe that positive thinking and attitude attracts success!”

Of her time at MHSG, Jennifer said: “I was quite headstrong and we were an opinionated year group! I loved music and design technology lessons, as well as sciences. I still remember those locker rooms getting ready for PE. I think the pastoral support at MHSG was brilliant.”

Of her vision for the next five years, Jennifer outlined: “I am hoping to empower at least a hundred people a month through my PEPP practitioner course, and I’d love to be more involved with skating, too. Family comes first though, and the happiness of my children is the most important thing. I teach them the values of the PEPP method and, each day, I ask my son and daughter what made them happy today.”