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Manchester High School for Girls



We are delighted to announce that on 11th of July Manchester High won the prestigious title of School of the Year 2018 at the UK Fast Community and Education awards ceremony.



The award is in recognition of a wide range of initiatives that the school has implemented to not only benefit our own students, but also the wider community. Such initiatives include well-being theme weeks like ‘Blow Your Own Trumpet’ week, where girls are encouraged to celebrate their achievements and the schools’ extensive ‘Futures Programme’, drawing from the skills and expertise of our own alumnae community and incorporating a unique mentoring scheme for students and regular career presentations for the benefit of several schools within the region from both the independent and state sector.

When awarding the title, UK Fast emphasised:

Manchester High School for Girls teach their girls to aim high, to take risks and to see that learning is a reward in itself, not just a means to pass examinations. They have a wide range of programmes with partners across the UK that build confidence and character; the qualities girls need to be successful in all walks of life.

The school sees itself as part of the community, locally, nationally and, of course, globally. They have over 45 different languages that are spoken in the homes of their current students with a strong tradition of embracing other cultures and religious beliefs. The school has an open-door policy and has a number of local community events taking place on a regular basis. The school has been actively engaged in raising thousands of pounds each year to fund its Bursary programme that enables students to attend their ‘outstanding’ school and provide them with an opportunity to be part of their special family, regardless of financial ability.

Jennie Hodson, Deputy Headmistress, said,

“This award is such an achievement and recognises not only the opportunities we provide for our own students, but the ongoing relationships we build with our alumnae community, our partners and the wider community in which we work. Manchester High has a wonderful heritage and a reputation for educating and developing resilient and successful female role models. As a school, we all strive to make a positive impact on society in a number of ways; and to receive an award in recognition of our efforts is the icing on the cake! “

More information about our activities can be found on this website and in our newsletter section, HERE