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Manchester High School for Girls



Manchester High pupils from Year 10 had a unique opportunity to learn about the multi-faceted opportunities that lie within the arts when renowned artist Charlotte Newson visited the school on 21st June.


Charlotte talked to the girls about her journey as an artist and the range of socially engaging art projects she had been involved with. She told the girls about the creation of her most famous piece ‘Women Like You’, a photo mosaic portrait of the leader of the suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst.

Pupils learned that they had seen a copy of this famous portrait every day as they walked across the reception area of their school!

Of the artwork, Charlotte explained: “I was commissioned celebrate the 80th year of women gaining the vote by working with 14 women’s groups across the city and looking at what women want now in comparison with the suffragette movement.

“The project was led by women, and it was about extraordinary life stories of ordinary women. I started receive digital images of women in their thousands. As the word spread, I started to receive images from all over the world and I realised that the project had become global.”

The portrait took Charlotte two years to complete, stands 3 metres high and 2.5 metres wide, and has raised £30,000 for charities through printed copies and merchandise. She kindly donated a copy of the portrait to Manchester High’s recent Suffragettes in the City event where it was auctioned and all proceeds went directly to the School’s Pankhurst Bursary Fund.

Charlotte’s talk was very informative and gave the girls many inspiring ideas about the world of opportunities out there in the arts sector. A big thank you to her for visiting Manchester High!

More about Charlotte and her work can be viewed here: