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Manchester High School for Girls


Classical Civilisation students from Manchester High School for Girls were in for an incredible evening of history as they attended the launch of the new BBC series ‘Civilisations’ on 27th February.

Classics enthusiast, Beth from MHSG's Junior Sixth, explained:

“It was an amazing event, starting with live demonstrations of the new BBC App which allows you to view 360 images of artefacts in your own home. Then it was time to have a look at some of the ground-breaking work the programme makers had done exploring and filming artefacts. We got to view artwork across 31 countries and six continents, with an exclusive sneak peek at some clips from the programme.

“Providing explanation and commentary on these unique insights were none other than the stars of the programme themselves; Simon Schama and David Olusoga. The interesting Q&A session offered a fascinating insight in to their time filming the programme, and the amazing history and stories behind the artefacts they investigate.

"As a Classics student intrigued by the evolution of art and architecture through the ages, it was wonderful to experience the passion of these professionals. I was inspired to see where their dedication had taken them and to get a behind the scenes look at their uncovering of the worlds lost Civilisations."