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Manchester High School for Girls


A group of Junior Sixth Formers from MHSG joined 12 other schools from the North West to take part in the annual Sir Rhys Davies Mock Trial competition at the Manchester Crown Court on 25th November.

The girls were met with tough competition but came away with a fantastic highly commended award.

Isobel looked back on the thrilling experience:

“This competition gave us a brilliant insight into workings of the UK’s complex justice system and it also showcased our perpetual ability to work as a team.

“We were given two fictional cases; we had to prepare both a prosecution and defence to present under the unnerving observation of professional judges. We provided two witnesses, two advocates, court ushers, clerks and reporters for each case. 

“One of our teams was able to secure a win against William Hulme Grammar School with the highest total score achieved in the entire competition. This, combined with another win against Bolton School, gave us a place in a heated final against Withington Girls’ School.

“In the final, Navya and Tia offered compelling arguments while displaying an unfaltering confidence and command in each of their cross-examinations. Mia's P.T. Barnum character, an eccentric magician, was hilarious yet convincing,  and she made it overwhelmingly difficult for even the judge himself to keep a straight face!

“Following their superb performances, I crept into the courtroom in a pair pink flairs, star sunglasses, ponytail beard and sock puppet named Javier; only appropriate for a character who had recently breached a restraining order.

“Unfortunately, we were just pipped to the post by the opposing team. I am still unsure as to whether the judge himself was entirely comfortable with shaking my socked hand as I received the award to best costume.

“Nevertheless, we are all extremely grateful towards Mrs Martin, Mrs Troth and Mr Clarke for both their patience and guidance, and for providing us with such a fantastic experience.”

Mrs Martin commented: "The Sir Rhys Davies mock trial is a long running competition that gives pupils the chance to explore the intricacies of the law as well as allowing them to perform cross examination in a court with a real judge. The experience is invaluable for anyone considering law. I am really proud of our girls; they did extremely well!"