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Manchester High School for Girls


On Tuesday 14th November, the infants in MHSG’s Preparatory Department marked World Nursery Rhyme Week with a special day of poetry, music and acting.

Dressed up as their favourite nursery rhyme characters, the girls wrote and acted out their own poems in front of their classmates and talked about their own favourite nursery rhyme books. 

Nursery rhymes are excellent tools for teaching young children about language and communication, and help develop their social, physical and emotional skills.

Preparatory Department teacher, Mrs Callanan, explained: “Celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week is part of our cultural enrichment programme and it is also a great opportunity for pupils to learn traditional rhymes from around the world and their place in our history.

“Poetry and rhyming are so important for the development of language in young children and it was wonderful to see how excited our girls were to tell their friends about their favourite rhymes and what made them so special to them.”