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Manchester High School for Girls


GCSE and A-level Sport students from MHSG visited the National Football Museum in Preston on 24th October.

One of the key aspects of their visit was to learn about football sponsorship, and the differences between sponsorship deals for male and female players, as Jenna explained:

“It was really interesting to find out about the history of football sponsorships; we saw examples of football players on porridge boxes and, in contrast to this, we were also shown how sponsorship deals had also existed between cigarette brands and players. It really  baffled me!

“Sponsorship deals used to be between single players, however, in the modern day they have evolved to sponsorships of team kits and stadiums. Some stadiums are now even being renamed after a sponsor. Fans now believe that the commercialisation is taking over the sport. 

“Sponsorships for women’s football are improving and the game is gaining more media coverage than in the past. This is a step forward in improving the equality between male and female footballers. Although women are paid far less than men in professional football, in the future, sponsorships could lead to women and men being paid the same. It is definitely something that we would all like to see happen.”

After the talk, the girls were taken around the museum and they found out about some of the great footballers of recent history, including Pelé.

Jenna concluded: “It was a really informative visit, and we had a great time. Thanks to our PE teachers for taking us!”