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Manchester High School for Girls


A group of Yeasr 10 geographers recently visited the River Bollin as part of their studies.

Duha from 10G recounts the experience:

"Before we went to River Bollin,  we had a few Geography lessons to prepare for the trip. We were given the hypothesis “The discharge of the river will significantly increase as the river moves downstream” which we then had to investigate at the river. We also used the Bradshaw Model as our theory to base our ideas and concepts on.

"At River Bollin, we had to work out the discharge, and measure the cross-sectional area and velocity of the river. To work out the cross-sectional area, we first measured the river depth using meter rulers to do this. Then  we measured the width of the river with a tape measure. When we were working out  the velocity of the river we used a flow meter which we paced in the water. One person in the group had to write the results so that we could see if they reached the same conclusion as our hypothesis.

"On the trip we learned so much; how to safely use flow meters and how to be safe around the river, for example, making sure you wear suitable footwear. We now know how to measure the cross sectional area and velocity of the river, and how to use them to calculate the discharge of the river. We worked together efficiently as a team to reach the results we needed.

"The best part of the trip was when we first went into the river; it was so fun trying out the flow meters.  We also had lunch in a room which was in a farm near to the River Bollin; the owner was so kind and made us all delicious hot chocolates which kept us warm on the cold, rainy day.

"Overall, I think this was one of the best school trips I’ve been on because it was educational and a lot of fun. It was amazing to see that we have such beautiful scenery near where we live, and we got to see the features of the river in real life instead of pictures."