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Manchester High School for Girls


Five of Manchester High’s super successful alumnae recently returned to the school to launch the latest phase of fundraising for the Pankhurst Bursary Appeal.

The ‘Never Over100ked’ campaign aims to bring the 100th Pankhurst bursary pupil to Manchester High School for Girls.

Vicky Kloss, Chief Communications Officer for Manchester City Football Group, Laura Earnshaw, former Head of Global Talent at AstraZeneca, and Lucie Hinton, USA Project Co-ordinator for Manchester Airports Group joined 2016’s Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl, Sophie Haughton and Ebubechi Okpalugo, to star as case studies in the new campaign.

All the women benefitted from receiving bursary assistance during their time at Manchester High.

At the age of 24, Lucie Hinton is the first person that the Manchester Airport Group has relocated overseas.

As USA Project Co-ordinator, she spends most of her time in the New York office which overlooks Madison Avenue and Grand Central Station. Lucie commented:

Lucie Hinton, Class of 2010

“It’s all quite surreal for a Blackpool-born girl who had never stepped foot out of the UK until her teenage years!

“Manchester High nurtured my ambition and shaped my moral values. It provided a real point of stability at a time when my home life was quite turbulent. Due to family circumstances I had moved primary school no fewer than five times and I wanted somewhere that would be a constant, somewhere to provide me with a real sense of stability, and Manchester High was it.”

The Pankhurst Bursary Appeal which covered the costs of Lucie’s tuition fees was launched in 2010 with the aspiration to raise £2 million to enable 100 to pass through Manchester High with financial assistance from the fund.

Thanks to donations from loyal supporters, 82 girls have benefitted to date and the ‘Never Over100ked’ campaign is about reaching the remaining 18 girls.

Pamela Wood, Director of Development and Marketing, said: “Manchester High School for Girls is not elitist and must not become so. We are determined to never miss, never fail to notice, never overlook a girl with potential.

“The era of direct grants and assisted places is unfortunately long gone so we cannot rest on our laurels and must proactively fundraise for the remaining 18 girls. We’ll then be getting to work on the next 100.”

Outgoing Head Girl, Sophie Haughton (right) with outgoing Deputy Head Girl, Ebubechi Okpalugo (left)

Outgoing Head Girl, Sophie Haughton from Stockport, has studying the International Baccalaureate qualification during her time at Manchester High and has an offer to read Medicine at the University of Birmingham in September.

She commented:

“Writing a letter to Mrs Clarke, my Year 6 teacher at North Reddish Junior School, telling her that the 11 year old girl, who she had earmarked for great things, had just been appointed Head Girl at Manchester High is one of my proudest moments to date.

“Independent education is just not something that happens in my very normal, very working class family. My parents, aunties and uncles had all gone to the local comprehensive and, until Mrs Clarke suggested Manchester High School for Girls, that was certainly where I was headed. If I had not been granted a bursary award there is no way my parents could even have considered sending me to Manchester High. It just wouldn’t have been an option.

“Being voted Head Girl by my peers proves that Manchester High is the type of place where it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Given equal opportunities, anyone can succeed.”