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Manchester High School for Girls


The new MHSG Head Girl team for the 2016-17 academic year has been selected.

MHSG Head Girl

Twelve strong candidates presented their ideas in front of a large crowd of fellow students and staff on the 14th March and, after a few days’ voting period, the school elected Ebony to take charge as Head Girl as of September 2016.

A team of Deputy Heads; Aaminah, Emily, Eve, Leah and Niamh were selected to support Ebony. The girls are now looking forward to getting started with the important job of representing the school and they all have ideas and vision for how to make school even more enjoyable for their peers.

New Head Girl, Ebony, said:

I endeavour to be a role model to fellow students. I want to encourage them to believe in themselves and their capabilities, as this is often an area that girls struggle with. I aim to help suggestions made by students develop into tangible changes. Mostly, I just want to enjoy getting to know all the students a bit better.



Deputy Head at MHSG
Manchester High has a great reputation for having girls form all kinds of backgrounds and I want encourage this diversity further so that we can expand our knowledge and understanding of cultures and beliefs that many Manchester High girls have. - Aaminah
Deputy MHSG Head Girl
I want to continue to make MHSG as encouraging and friendly an environment it has been for me. We have noticed that our school could be more environmentally friendly, so we also plan to develop some project ideas to help with this. - Emily
Deputy Manchester High Head Girl
My goal is not only to organise the best possible Prom for all the girls in my year, but also to be a great role model for younger girls, as I remember looking up to the Head Girls at Manchester High, when I was in the lower school. I also wish to make progressions with Student Council, so that the school is the best possible environment for all.
- Eve
Deputy Head Girl at MHSG
MHSG is a very close and supportive community, which achieves a good balance between academic studies and extra-curricular activities. This has enabled me to form great friendships and to participate in so many different areas of school life. I hope to be able to represent the school in a really positive way and to help develop relationships between the student body and the teachers. 
- Leah
Deputy Head Girl at MHSG
As Head Girl, I would like to set a good example for younger pupils and to be seen as approachable and understanding. I aim to maintain the warm atmosphere and the security and support I have felt whilst being a pupil at Manchester High. Finally, I promise to help put on an amazing spring extravaganza to wrap up my time in school.
- Niamh





















The new MHSG Head Girl team
Watch out for the new MHSG Head Girl team!