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Manchester High School for Girls


We all know the surprise result of the General Election, but unlike the pollsters, Manchester High School for Girls could have predicted the outcome days before.

Pupils staged their own mock election in the run up to the General Election with five party candidates battling it out for Number 10. 18-year-old Samantha convinced her fellow pupils with her powerful campaign and brought the Conservatives a landslide victory in the mock election held on the 5th May.

Mr Julian Clarke from Manchester High School for Girls commented: “While the polls got it so wrong, we got it so right! Samantha’s Conservatives swept the table with 50% of the votes and Hannah's Labour received just 21% of the votes.”

He added: “This election was a great opportunity for the girls to learn about politics and democracy. The candidates knew their party policies throughout, and girls were advised to vote on the strongest individual. The posters and party broadcast videos our pupils made were impressive and all the candidates did fantastically well in the debate.”

Samantha said: “I wanted to take part in the mock election as I wanted to learn more about prominent issues in our country. It was a great event for raising awareness amongst our younger pupils about the importance of voting. The politics of today will affect young people as we are the next generation who will face the brunt of the consequences or benefits of today’s political decisions. I am proud to have been able to vote this year for the first time!”

17-year-old Hannah said: “I wanted to take part in the mock election to help build my confidence. I recently got interested in politics so I thought it would be an interesting event to take part in. I chose the Labour Party as I liked the challenge of representing one of the major parties. I am too young to vote so I haven't decided who I support and would vote for yet! However, when I am 22 and the next election comes around, I will be voting.”

She concluded: “Although I was defeated by Samantha’s Conservatives, I really enjoyed the mock election and thought it was a big success. I especially enjoyed filming our Labour Party Broadcast.”