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Manchester High School for Girls

MHSG Judged 'Excellent' in ISI Inspection

Manchester High School for Girls (MHSG) has been judged as ‘excellent’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). The full report can be read here.

ISI inspections focus on the quality of two areas; pupils’ academic and other achievements and pupils’ personal development. MHSG secured the highest possible rating of ‘excellent’ in both aspects.

Having interviewed pupils and staff, considered questionnaire responses and observed lessons, extra-curricular activities, assemblies and day to day school life, inspectors commented: “Pupils have highly positive attitudes to learning, engage exceptionally well in lessons and are prepared to take a lead role in their learning.”

The report recognises that pupils’ achievement in public examinations is excellent and that in the Preparatory Department overall achievement is excellent with high levels of success in numeracy and in reading. It also indicates that pupils make rapid progress at all levels because teaching staff and leaders track pupils’ progress and provide regular high-quality feedback.

The report goes on to remark that, “From the earliest age, pupils develop excellent study skills and are confident in assimilating and analysing information from a range of sources.” 

The inspection report also brings to the fore the sense of sisterhood, solidarity and belonging that Manchester High pupils feel which leads to excellent self-confidence at all ages: “Pupils support one another highly effectively and are collaborative and co-operative, prepared to persevere to achieve their potential without being over self-absorbed. They are prepared to take appropriate risk, to learn from their mistakes and to see this as a way to improve, encouraged by their teachers.”

Furthermore, inspectors deemed pupils’ cultural awareness and understanding of diversity to be ‘outstanding’, commenting that, “They treat one another with kindness and consideration in a community that is calm, convivial and accepting. Pupils are free to be themselves without fear of being different.”

The inspectors’ findings from outside of the classroom identified that pupils throughout the school engaged in, “…an excellent range of extension activities in co-curricular activities, day trips and visits further afield that support their learning and extend their horizons.” Pupils also showed their appreciation for the school’s well-being programme which inspectors found helps students, “…to consider a balance in their lives between work and physical health.” 

Commenting on the inspection report, Head Mistress, Mrs A C Hewitt said: “This inspection report confirms that Manchester High School for Girls is fulfilling its aim to inspire pupils to pursue the highest academic, personal and moral standards. 

“I am delighted that the inspectors recognised not only the excellent achievements and personal development of all our pupils across the four to 18 age range, but also the supportive environment that is such a key part of Manchester High School for Girls. 

“We know that girls achieve at the highest level when they feel comfortable and confident to be themselves and are connected to their school community. It is wonderful to hear from the inspectors, our pupils and parents that we have indeed created such a culture.”