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Manchester High School for Girls

Fees and Charges


Fee Information - 2021/22

Infants (Reception – Year 2) £3,080 per term, £9,240 per annum
Juniors (Year 3 – Year 6)  £3,130 per term, £9,390 per annum
Seniors (Year 7 – Year 13) £4,200 per term, £12,600 per annum

Lunches - 2021/22

Infants £232 per term / £696 per annum
Juniors £253 per term / £759 per annum
From Year 7 £255 per term / £765 per annum

After School Club - 2021/22

An After School Club is available up to Year 6 at the following rates:

  • £5.50 for an early session (up to 4.30pm)
  • £11.00 for a late session (3.25pm - 6.00pm)

Additional fees are charged per term for optional individual or group lessons in Instrumental Music and Speech and Drama. Details of these lessons are sent to parents shortly before their daughter’s admission to the School.

Sibling Discounts

Where more than two daughters attend MHSG, a 20% discount will be applied for third and subsequent daughters; and any such discounts will be applied to each daughter’s total fees payable in ascending order of value; except that the discounts will not be available to the two daughters with the highest total fees payable.