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Emmeline Pankhurst’s words, penned in 1913, illustrate what happens when a spark is ignited and the flames of curiosity, passion and persistence are encouraged to burn brightly. No doubt, this was her belief when she enrolled her own daughters at Manchester High and trusted the School to stir their hearts and minds.

More than a century later, the language may have changed, but the sentiment remains the same. A Manchester High education is about revealing the gold within every girl, no matter what her background or circumstances. Bursaries play an indispensable role in this process, removing financial barriers to achievement and encouraging girls to shine.

Once they are determined, nothing on earth and nothing in heaven will make women give way, it is impossible.

Every year we are faced with more applications for bursary places than we can offer. Once a girl has secured her bursary place it’s not just the school fees we cover, we also provide financial help with uniforms, school meals, trips and extra-curricular activities.

Alumna and Bursary Recipient, Orla, shares her thoughts on the impact that donating to the Manchester High Bursary Fund can have:

Giving monthly or annually by Direct Debit is a simple and extremely valuable way of making a donation. Monthly gifts can really add up and your contribution could join those from others to fund a full bursary place. 

A gift from you, no matter what the size, would help us extend the opportunity of a Manchester High education to as many bright and deserving girls as possible. 

How to Donate

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To contact the Development Team, please call 0161 224 0447 or email [email protected].