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Manchester High School for Girls

Caring for the Individual


Happy, Caring and Supportive

We place great emphasis on ensuring that Manchester High is a happy and harmonious school, where each girl is recognised as an individual and diversity is embraced.

Our girls are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life. Their well-being and academic progress are of paramount importance to us, and they are monitored closely throughout their time in school.

Our Staff

Our experienced staff work in close partnership with parents to ensure that girls thrive academically, personally and socially. The Well Being programme provides the foundation for bright futures, helping girls to develop the skills, qualities and values that will enable them to flourish.

As a multicultural school, we embrace many faiths. Moral, spiritual and cultural awareness is developed through a range of assemblies, both religious and secular, and provision is made for girls to pray or meditate if they wish.

House System

The house system brings girls of all year groups together to help form our close-knit community in which pupils show tolerance and mutual respect, forging lifelong friendships.

We seek to develop the values and qualities our girls need to tackle the challenges they will face, empowering them with self-discipline and maturity.