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Manchester High School for Girls


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour and is offered as an AS and A-level subject. The Psychology department is committed to introducing students on each course to the varied and diverse nature of the subject.

We aim to provide an insight into why we behave the way we do using a number of approaches including the biological basis of behaviour, the thought processes we undergo and the impact of our childhood. We also isolate types of behaviour and try to explain these - including memory, gender, crime, conformity, obedience, infant bonding and 'abnormal' behaviours like OCD and schizophrenia.

Senior Sixth Form 'Brain Day' 2017

Psychology lessons involve a range of activities including discussion, note-taking and independent activities and investigations. Lessons are often practical, with demonstrations of experiments in which students participate.

Department staff are subject specialists, who actively enjoy the subject and seek to increase its popularity. We are keen to welcome students with a genuine interest in the subject, and who are willing to work hard. Psychology is a competitive subject to study at university and we are delighted that an increasing number of students each year are successful in continuing their study to degree level and beyond. Psychology is relevant to any career that puts people at its core, such as medicine, therapies, management, human resources, the Police and teaching.

Crime conference at the Sixth Form Centre

The department’s extra-curricular activities include a Psychology Film Club and Young Psychologists Club, as well as Psychology Workshops at Chester Zoo, True Life Crime Conferences, Cambridge Essay Competitions, and opportunities to attend lectures on different aspects of the course.

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