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Manchester High School for Girls

Looking to the Future - Big Me Day

The Preparatory Department took part in ActionAid’s ‘Big Me’ day; a national fundraising day for primary schools on 12th October.

The purpose of the day was to encourage children to dream big, dress up as what they want to be when they grow up and raise money for ActionAid; a charity that helps disadvantaged children from around the world.

The fundraising day complemented Manchester High’s own ‘One Day I Will …’ message, which encourages pupils to follow their dreams and realise their potential. On the day, girls arrived at School in a variety of outfits.

Mia, from Year 3, chose to dress as a teacher and said: “I want to be a teacher because I like children and I also like educating people.” Violet from Reception Class wants to be an artist and explained: “I love drawing and showing my pictures to everyone.”

A more unusual career was explored by Inaaya from Year 3, who would one day like to be a Palaeontologist. She commented: “I enjoy studying fossils and would like to travel the world to get them”. Lilli, also from Year 3, who aspires to become an Egyptologist, said: “I think it will be really fun and I am very interested in Egypt.”

The event resulted in more than £230 being raised for charity, and complements the range of fundraising activities that pupils in the Preparatory Department take part in throughout the School year