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Manchester High School for Girls


The school day begins at 8.50am and ends at 3.45pm (3.25pm in the Preparatory Department). Punctual arrival is expected. After school, arrangements may be made for Preparatory Department girls to attend After School Club and for Senior School girls to make use of the After School facility.

High levels of attendance are expected. Acceptable reasons for absence would normally be illness or family bereavement. The School will also authorise absence for the main festivals of the religion to which parents/girls belong, providing that they give advance notice of the dates in writing.

Leave of absence for holidays is strongly discouraged, and is not permitted for students in public examination Years (10 to 13).

When a student is absent, parents are asked to telephone the School on the first morning of absence. On returning to school, a written explanation signed by a parent should be provided.

All students, up to and including Year 11, are required to stay on the school premises throughout the school day. Exceptions to this rule can be agreed only following a written request from parents to the Head of Year.

Please refer to the relevant Parent Handbook for further details.