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Manchester High School for Girls

Tien School, Cambodia - Charity

Tien SchoolWe are working in partnership with United World Schools (UWS) to provide support for Tien School in Cambodia. The vision of UWS is “To teach the unreached: where children in remote and post-conflict areas have access to basic education and improved life chances.” Their mission statement is “We work with communities to build schools and develop local teachers, providing a low cost and sustainable way to teach the unreached.”

In December 2015, Jack Clark, School Partnership Director for UWS, came into school to talk to the girls in Years 7 through to Senior 6 about the work UWS do globally and to introduce the girls to the village of Tien in Cambodia and to the school they have worked to build with the local community. There has been a heart-warming and large response from the girls, with many wishing to get involved in the fundraising.

The school children of Tien SchoolWe had a “Little Miss Selfless” week this week 3rd-6th May as part of our fundraising. The idea was to encourage girls and staff to forego a treat they might usually spend their money on e.g. an ice cream or Starbucks drink; and donate it to the fundraising for Tien School.  Some girls even donated some of their pocket money for that week.

Posters were put up around school to keep “Little Miss Selfless” on our minds and ParentPay was used to take online donations too.

Both the Preparatory Department and the Senior School worked together  and the girls were encouraged to write down what they gave up on posters in their form rooms.

We are continuing to  fundraise for the Tien School in Cambodia, throguh the sale of charity wristbands.  It costs just £1.50 to educate a pupil for one week at the Tien School.  With this in mind, a group of Year 11 pupils have organised the production of charity wristbands that are on sale for £1.50 each.

The bands are available in two colours: orange and white, and each one will fund teaching and accommodation at the Tien School. The bands carry the message, “This Band = School for a Week.  MHSG & UWS.”