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Manchester High School for Girls

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  • Netball
    U19 Manchester High 2946U19 St Albans

    St Albans are travelling to play Manchester High in Round 3 of the U19 Independent Schools Netball Championships.

  • Hockey
    U15 Manhcester High School for Girls130U15 Marple Hall

    Scorers Lois x8 Alicia x1 Rachel x2 Bethany x2

  • Hockey
    U14 Manchester High60U14 AGGS

    Scorers Keisha x2 Grace x4

  • Hockey
    U15 Manchester High50U15 Alderley Edge

    Scorers Grace x2 Lottie x1 Lois x1 India x1

  • Hockey
    U11A Manchester High60U11 St Bedes

    Scorers Emma x2 Sasha x3 Emma x1

  • Hockey
    U11A Manchester High21U11A Arnold

    Scorers Sasha and Emma

  • Hockey
    U11B Manchester High11U11B Arnold

    Scorer Milla

  • Hockey
    U11B Manchester High21U11B Arnold

    Scorer Milla x2