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Manchester High School for Girls

Head Girl Team

The Head Girl team for 2017-18 academic year has been chosen.

Eleanor will be in charge of the team as Head Girl. Here is a brief Q&A with her:

What do you hope to do after leaving Manchester High School for Girls?

I aspire to study medicine. A course that I am particularly interested in is Medicine with European Studies, as this gives me the opportunity to continue to learn Spanish, a subject that I am currently studying at MHSG.

What are your career aspirations?

There are many aspects of medicine that interest me. At the moment, I am unsure as to which area of medicine I would most like to pursue a career into. If I were to study medicine I hope that the course would give me more insight into these possibilities.

What is the best thing about Manchester High?

From my experiences as a student at Manchester High, the best thing about the school is the people. The staff are incredibly supportive, and the girls are amazingly encouraging and compassionate, allowing each student to recognise their uniqueness.

What do you want to achieve in your role as Head Girl?

I hope to ensure that girls of all years feel as though they can approach me to share their thoughts and ideas, in the interest of developing the school community. I aim to play an active role within this community and to act as a positive role model to the students.

"I aspire to become the female Brian Cox! I think I'd like to have something to do with research astronomy or aerospace engineering, but I'd also like to be active in the world of politics." - Kate

"I want to raise more awareness of and celebrate all the different cultures that are within the school, as this is what has made the school so special since its creation." - Libby

"There are two things that sets MHSG apart from other schools: the people and the ethos. We have an incredibly diverse community that you can see not only through our religious assemblies but also through our individual interests. One thing that makes the people even better is their mindset. Manchester High girls are capable of doing anything that they put their minds to, they support others in their own pursuits and they have a never ending supply of ambition." - Tali

 "My career aspirations would be to become a doctor and also working in medical research. I'd like to work on various boards, where I can contribute to the running of the NHS and the future of whichever medical field I decide to go into. At some point in my professional career, I also hope to work with organisations in less developed countries, providing health care for those who need it but do not have access to it."

- Shazia

"As head girl, I want to be there as a way of putting forward everyone's ideas to help benefit every girl.  I am really looking forward to representing, not just my year but all years and working with them in our student council." - Maddie