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Manchester High School for Girls


Girls in Year 6 enjoyed a trip of a lifetime as they went on a three day residential to Kingswood activity centre. Cicely, Beatrice and Grace look back on their fun filled few days…

After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, the day had finally arrived. With our bags packed and our waterproof trousers at the ready, our adventure began. As we piled onto the bus, we could not contain our excitement. The reason for this was clear – we were going to Kingswood. One hour and a half later, we were welcomed into our new home for the next three days; and what a home it was! The tour of the site was fascinating with the amazing facilities and the tranquil forestlands.

Finding out who we were with in our dormitories was great fun. This was a chance to get to know people from the other class much better. Once we had settled in, our activities began.

Our first activities were canoeing , crate stack and problem solving. Canoeing involved laughing, falling in and getting incredibly wet! Crate stack was ‘crate fun’ as we piled up the crates higher and higher until ‘Timber!’ and they all fell down. Problem Solving involved teamwork, good listening skills and clever strategies. In the blink of an eye, it was time for dinner. The food was just as good as the activities, if not better! Hotspots was next on our timetable, as were games on a giant twister mat and a bit of dancing too! After an exhausting first day, it was time for bed, but we were far from tired. We crawled into our bunk beds and settled down to sleep.

After a seven o’clock start the next morning, we were woken up by a delicious breakfast, with cereal, fruit and sausages. Laser tag, aeroball and zip wire were our activities for the day. Aeroball was awesome, jumping our way to victory! Laser tag was exciting, running in the dark catching our opponents. Zip wire felt like we were flying through the air, zooming past the tiny dots that were my friends. Camp fire was our evening activity, singing silly songs about bananas, telling spooky stories, jokes and riddles and toasting marshmallows over the blazing fire.

We kicked our last day off with more fun activities, nightline and abseiling. Nightline was quite scary at the start but we soon learned to trust the other members in our group. Abseiling was exhilarating! It felt like you were leaning back into nothingness but once you started you were spider man, advancing down the wall.

It was soon time to return back to schoo. Waved off by our instructors, we drove off on the coach reminiscing on all the happy memories we had made together, but not as two separate classes, as one big family.

The whole of Year 6 enjoyed Kingswood and hopefully so will every other class in the years to come.