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Manchester High School for Girls

Year 9's World War One Research Project

Pupils in Year 9 had their learning brought to life on Wednesday 4th December as they took part in a series of workshops about British Jews in World War One.

The four sessions: Women, Empire and Commonwealth, Beyond the Western Front and The Belgian Connection introduced girls to the stories of people living through World War One, and how they overcame adversity. Pupils then researched case studies from a range of sources, including Manchester High School for Girls’ extensive archive.

Mrs Pam Roberts, Archivist, supports Year 9 students with the project. 

Mr Clarke, Head of History, commented: “Studying history helps us to understand change and how the society we know of today came to be.  Rather than just viewing historical events as most people do - simply asking ‘what happened’ - we want our students to understand how the past influences the present and future. The repercussions of World War One are still present in the modern world, which is why we focus on the topic so heavily.

“We’re very fortunate at Manchester High to have such an extensive archive, which really helps our pupils to feel closer to the stories. This was particularly notable as they studied the Belgian Refugees, many of whom were given free places at MHSG, and the War Women, which included teachers and pupils who went to take up high-profile jobs in industry and academia.”

Part of the girls’ research will be available online shortly at