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Manchester High School for Girls

Top Tips from Year 7 Resilience Club

We take a proactive approach to the mental health of our pupils with weekly wellbeing sessions and a variety of lunchtime and after school clubs that are designed to support them with their mental health.

One such club is the Year 7 Resilience Club which meets weekly and is an opportunity for pupils to discuss how they are feeling about school life and indeed life in general.  Mrs Haves has been running the club for the last three years and believes that it is so important to teach our younger pupils coping skills.

She said, “We think about ways to manage emotions and situations that are difficult and also how we can help ourselves relax and build both mental and physical resilience, which all leads to happiness.”

Resilience Club Top Tips

In what has been a particularly difficult year for so many, the club has been focusing on 7/11 breathing, Pilates, mindfulness, using a worry box and baking as a way of winding down.  They have also created a display in school so that other students can easily access information on ways to relax. 

Last week, members of the club brainstormed ideas on how to relieve exam pressure and will now use their thoughts to create a support booklet for their peers.  They are also excited to be leading an assembly for the whole of Year 7 towards the end of the year. 

A positive outcome for a determined group of girls.  #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek