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Manchester High School for Girls

Phoebe is flooded with opportunity

A Sixth Form student had an eye-opening week of work experience with the Environment Agency.

In August, Phoebe Palmer was introduced to the work of the Environment Agency at their Regional Office, where she took part in team meetings, observed senior staff managing crisis’ and had an impromptu discussion with the Chief Executive. However, her highlight was visiting Whaley Bridge, during the week the Toddbrook Reservoir dam burst and flooded the town.

Phoebe with the Environment Agency team and former local MP, Edwina Curry. 

Phoebe, who studies Geography, History, Economics and Politics at A-level, said: “I had a fantastic week. I have absolutely no idea what I’d like to end up doing for a job, so I made it my mission to try lots of different things. I’ve thought about working in a tech firm and I wanted to try something that had more of an environmental impact. It was a very strange feeling; going from studying rivers in Geography to measuring their levels in a real life environmental crisis. I definitely had a story for my class when I came back.

Mrs Norton, Director of Sixth Form Studies, said: “I’m always encouraging our Sixth Form students to seek work experience opportunities. Not only does it give them something to put on their CV, but helps them to decide where they might like to end up in five or 10 years. Phoebe is a shining example of this. She has actively sought a number of opportunities, which have given her unique insight into a range of industries. I hope that her week with the Environment Agency has helped to paint a clearer picture of what she may want to do in the future.”