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Manchester High School for Girls


Girls in Year 11 have had a lot to celebrate as more than half of them achieved the coveted grade 9, and 85% gained grade 8 or 9 in this summer’s GCSE Religious Studies Short Course examination.

Their teachers joined in the celebrations this week as the whole year group took to the school lawn to mark each others’ achievements.

Safa from Year 11 said:

“I am really pleased with my results. The resources available were great, and I really value the course as it will help me in later life to respect other backgrounds and cultures.”

Fellow pupil Juliette added: “I’m really proud of the whole year group’s results. I know now what to expect of our GCSE exams and I know I can work well under pressure.”

Sneha agreed and commented: “The course has given me confidence as I know I can maintain my standards for the GCSE exams ahead.”

 Mrs Purvis, Religious Studies, said: “Our pupils have benefited greatly from their studies; learning about Christian, Buddhist and secular world views, and considering a range of ethical and philosophical themes. 

“At MHSG, we value the importance of learning about different beliefs and values, and developing respect and tolerance for those around us. Year 11 pupils have also learned a great deal from the experience of sitting their first GCSE examination, and are looking forward to even more success in the year ahead. I am really proud of the girls and wish them all the best for the academic year!”