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Manchester High School for Girls

Nine MHSG students create 'Another World'

Another World, an exciting eBook created by a group of Manchester High School for Girls students during the COVID-19 crisis is now available to download and enjoy following a suggested donation of £5 to the MHSG Bursary Fund.

In January 2021, Year 12 student Lilia was brainstorming with her mum about house competition ideas, and came across the notion of a collaborative eBook to bring the house teams together across the different year groups during the physical closure of School. 

TiAnna and Lilia

Lilia got the ball rolling swiftly,

“I messaged Dr Bushell with this idea and was told to write up an explanation for how it would work, and the responses from other teachers were very encouraging.

Quickly realising how well this could work, I compiled a list of guidelines for student authors wanting to write and an explanation of how to enter. It felt very complicated as I realised all the entries and messages of interested authors would have to come through me to ensure the flow of the story was maintained. 

I started the story, and then each contributor wrote between a sentence and a full page to follow on. In the end, the process worked brilliantly, undoubtedly with the help of the House Captains, encouraging their teams to enter, and reposting the updated story each time someone had entered their piece. The book would not have worked without their help.

This eBook feels special, as it has been written together by multiple Man High girls from a range of different year groups. It provided a platform for creative minds to blossom together and be able to bounce off each other's imaginations. All communication happened via Microsoft Teams, and it is incredible to think that we were able to produce this book without once meeting in person!

 What makes Another World unique is that it is one book but has nine authors who were creative enough to carry on the story from the three-sentence introduction I had written.”

We are so proud of the work that Lilia and her co-authors; Zhi, Ella, Lara, Cordelia, TiAnna, Sakina, Sophia and Reva have put into this project.

If you would like to support them and their desire to raise money for the Bursary Fund, then you can make a donation here and we will send you a copy of the eBook, or a printed copy should you prefer:

In an era where direct grants and assisted places are long gone, the bursary fund allows us to uphold our ambition to enrol as many girls as possible to Manchester High School for Girls, regardless of their families’ ability to pay. To find out more, click here: